5 Benefits of Car Insurance in Kansas

When you think about car insurance it is usually associated with higher costs due to an accident or moving violation, but there are positives that most people never think of. When you have questions about your auto insurance or just want a new quote, contact the professional and trusted team at DJ Kauffman Agency Inc. in Hutchinson, KS. Bear in mind that not every policy will offer these benefits outlined below, but be sure to ask us if they are important:

Pet Injuries from Accidents:

Given that pets frequently ride in cars and without seat belts, they can be prone to injuries during automobile accidents. Some insurers will include coverage for your pets so be sure to ask.

Lost Wages from Inability to Work:

When an auto accident prevents you from being able to work, your car insurance may be able to recuperate some or all of the lost wages through personal injury protection. In Kansas, legislation requires coverage for lost wages with the minimum amount being 85% of your lost wages not to exceed $900 a month for a one-year period.

Floods and Earthquake Coverage:

Given that homeowners insurance does not cover damage from floods or earthquakes unless you purchase additional coverage, many people assume that auto insurance works the same way. However, flood and earthquake damage is covered minus your deductible.

Rodent Damage:

Pesky mice, squirrels and other rodents can cause serious damage to people’s vehicles, but don’t assume that any harm won’t be covered by your auto insurance. 

Riots and Protest:

For folks that live in cities where their vehicles are parked on the street there is always the risk of damage because of civil unrest due to the home team losing, a political event or any other issue that causes a large gathering. If you have comprehensive coverage, then damage from vandalism and riot based incidents are covered. 

Serving the Hutchinson, KS community, DJ Kauffman agency Inc. is your one stop shop for any auto insurance needs.


What Does Commercial Insurance Do?

Buying your first vehicle for the business can be just as exciting as buying your first car for yourself. It feels like a major milestone, and it can mean big things for the company. In all of that excitement, you don’t want to get carried away and forget one of the most important things. You need insurance for any company vehicle, and that insurance is not the same as your standard personal policy. We’re talking about commercial insurance today, and DJ Kauffman Agency Inc. in Hutchinson, KS wants you to know the basics before you dive into your search.

Covering Vehicles

Technically, commercial insurance refers to any business-class insurance policy. In general, the term “commercial insurance” is often used as a shortening of “commercial auto insurance.” We’re talking about cars and drivers. In essence, a commercial policy can cover business-owned vehicles in much the same way a personal auto policy would. You can get protection from theft and damage. If something happens to the vehicle, the policy helps you pay to remedy the situation.

Covering Employees

Often, the more important aspect of commercial insurance is liability coverage. The policy should cover any and every employee who will drive the insured vehicle(s). This protects you from liability claims if your vehicle or employee is involved in damaging property or causing injury, and it can be the thing that keeps the business from shuttering if the worst happens.

While commercial insurance covers many of the same things as a standard auto policy, the practice and scope of your business can make the finer details of the policy feel foreign. If you want to be sure you’re getting the right plan, talk to a representative of DJ Kauffman Agency Inc in Hutchinson, KS.


What Could Happen if I don’t have Commercial Insurance

Becoming the owner of a business is a dream that many people have. For those that are in the Hutchinson, KS area, there are plenty of opportunities to grow any company. To make sure that your company is well protected, you need to make sure that you have a quality commercial insurance policy in place. Several things could occur if you do not have commercial insurance for your company.

Lose Assets

One risk that you are taking if you do not have commercial insurance would be you could lose your business assets. When you are first starting a business, you likely will need to spend a lot of money investing in inventory, equipment, and other assets. Losing these to fire, vandalism, weather damage, or another type of loss could be devastating. A commercial insurance policy will provide you with protection for all of these valuable assets.

Liability Risk

No matter what type of business you are in, you are taking liability risk whenever you sell a product or service. If you do not have commercial insurance, this will leave you wholly unprotected against this risk. If you end up being found liable for something that causes damage, you could end up facing a severe financial crisis without insurance.

Ultimately, having commercial insurance is something that can be very beneficial for any business. When you are looking to get commercial insurance for your Hutchinson, KS business, you should contact DJ Kauffman Agency Inc. The professionals at DJ Kauffman Agency Inc. will be able to help you build an excellent commercial insurance policy that provides the right type and level of protection. This could prove to be a significant investment as it will protect your company in many different ways.