5 Benefits of Car Insurance in Kansas

When you think about car insurance it is usually associated with higher costs due to an accident or moving violation, but there are positives that most people never think of. When you have questions about your auto insurance or just want a new quote, contact the professional and trusted team at DJ Kauffman Agency Inc. in Hutchinson, KS. Bear in mind that not every policy will offer these benefits outlined below, but be sure to ask us if they are important:

Pet Injuries from Accidents:

Given that pets frequently ride in cars and without seat belts, they can be prone to injuries during automobile accidents. Some insurers will include coverage for your pets so be sure to ask.

Lost Wages from Inability to Work:

When an auto accident prevents you from being able to work, your car insurance may be able to recuperate some or all of the lost wages through personal injury protection. In Kansas, legislation requires coverage for lost wages with the minimum amount being 85% of your lost wages not to exceed $900 a month for a one-year period.

Floods and Earthquake Coverage:

Given that homeowners insurance does not cover damage from floods or earthquakes unless you purchase additional coverage, many people assume that auto insurance works the same way. However, flood and earthquake damage is covered minus your deductible.

Rodent Damage:

Pesky mice, squirrels and other rodents can cause serious damage to people’s vehicles, but don’t assume that any harm won’t be covered by your auto insurance. 

Riots and Protest:

For folks that live in cities where their vehicles are parked on the street there is always the risk of damage because of civil unrest due to the home team losing, a political event or any other issue that causes a large gathering. If you have comprehensive coverage, then damage from vandalism and riot based incidents are covered. 

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