Four rules to follow when you buy life insurance

Consumers in Hutchinson, KS need to realize that choosing a life insurance policy is a big decision. At DJ Kauffman Agency, we offer life insurance policy that can protect your finances.

You need to follow numerous rules to find the best life insurance policy for your family’s situation. Here are four rules to follow when you buy life insurance. 

Be honest about any health conditions you’ve been diagnosed with

Consumers should realize that claims on their life insurance policy could be denied if they weren’t honest when they initially applied for a policy. That’s why it’s so important for consumers to be honest about the health conditions they’re experiencing when they buy life insurance. 

Compare policy options among different life insurance providers

Policies from different life insurance providers can vary in terms of cost and coverage options. Consumers, therefore, need to do their research and explore policy options before choosing a provider to buy their life insurance coverage from. 

Know what the financial needs of your beneficiaries are

Doing the math is important for any consumer who is buying health insurance. Consumers need to calculate how much their beneficiaries will need to receive from their life insurance policy to maintain their lifestyle and avoid financial hardship if a claim needs to be filed. 

Reevaluate coverage periodically

It’s possible to update life insurance coverage in the future. Consumers need to reevaluate their life insurance coverage to ensure that it will still meet the needs of their beneficiaries. 

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