Will comprehensive auto insurance pay for my car’s hail damage?

Auto insurance provides drivers with many benefits. Many people would be unprepared to pay out of pocket for an at-fault auto accident or damage to their car. Auto insurance provides liability protection if you’re ever found responsible for a car accident. It also pays for car repairs or replacement if you’re in a collision. Our Hutchinson, KS team at DJ Kauffman Agency understands how beneficial auto insurance is for drivers. We’re committed to helping drivers get the coverage they need. 

Will Comprehensive Auto Insurance Cover my car’s Hail Damage?

Yes, auto insurance carries many different forms of coverage. Most states require all drivers to carry liability coverage. This insurance pays for damage or injuries to other people, their property, or their vehicles if you’re found at fault for a car accident. However, comprehensive coverage covers any non-collision incidents or accidents. For example, collision insurance would cover your car’s hail damage and damage from a fire and vandalism.

Comprehensive auto insurance is not required by law. However, if you’re leasing or financing a car, your lender may require you to carry full coverage insurance, including comprehensive coverage. However, this coverage is optional if your lender does not require it. Comprehensive coverage would pay for damage caused by natural disasters, fire, animals, weather, theft, and vandalism. Your car’s glass and windshields are also covered by comprehensive auto insurance. Many drivers would be unprepared to pay for damage caused by any number of circumstances and accidents. Comprehensive coverage makes it possible for drivers to get their cars repaired or replaced if an unforeseen non-collision accident occurs.