Why Every Boater Needs Boat Insurance

Every state has boating laws on the books. Some states require boat insurance, but Kansas does not. It does require that you register your vessel, so make sure you complete this task. Though you aren’t required to have boat insurance, it’s a smart idea to protect yourself by getting it. If you want boat insurance protection, call us at DJ Kauffman Agency in Hutchinson, KS.

Collision Accidents

It’s common for boats to collide in an accident on the water. That’s why it’s crucial always to have boat insurance when you go on the water. If you are involved in an accident with another boat or watercraft, you will be liable for all the damages if you are at fault for the accident. Paying for medical bills and property damage can be costly to pay for. It’s much like when you have a vehicle on the road, and you wouldn’t drive without auto insurance. You shouldn’t go boating without boat insurance. With this coverage, the costs you are liable for can be paid by the policy instead of the money coming from you. 

Different Types of Boat Coverage

It’s a good idea always to have liability coverage when you take your boat out. This is what pays for a third party’s bills after an accident. However, there are other types that you might consider so that your boat is better covered. Comprehensive boat insurance covers other risks that can happen to your boat. If you get collision coverage, this can pay for the damage to your boat and personal items when you cause a boating accident. 

Cover Your Boat With Insurance

It’s always wise to have boat insurance when you love boating. If you are in Hutchinson, KS, call us at DJ Kauffman Agency to find out more.