Should You Choose Whole Life or Term Life Insurance?

When you know that you need life insurance, figuring out what you need and how much of it can be complicated. One of the most significant decisions is about the type of life insurance. There are whole-life policies and term-life policies, and there are a lot of differences between them. Understanding how these policies differ before you make your choice is a good idea.

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Whole Life Insurance 

Whole life gets its name from the amount of time that the policy lasts – for your whole life. It never expires. It can’t be canceled as long as you pay for your policy. This allows people to have their policies still when they become elderly. Term life doesn’t work this way. But with whole life, you never have to try to get another policy. You can keep this one as long as you like. These policies also come with a cash value that becomes available for you to borrow over time. Term life policies don’t have this benefit. However, whole life policies are more expensive. Many people can’t fit this type of policy into their budgets. 

Term Life Insurance 

As the name suggests, this type of life insurance is suitable for a certain term. During that term, the policy is in effect. However, the term ends, and this causes the policy to expire. No cash value builds up, either. However, this type of life insurance is highly affordable. It’s often the best type for a family that has a tight budget and needs life insurance in place. 

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