Umbrella Insurance: What It Is and Why You Need It

Umbrella insurance isn’t as commonly discussed as homeowners and vehicle insurance, but it can be just as important. It’s a type of policy designed to cover you over and above the limits of your other policies. That can add to your peace of mind and make it easier for you to feel secure if another party makes claims against you. If you’re in the Hutchinson, KS area, DJ Kauffman Agency can help you find the right level of umbrella coverage, so you can protect the people and things that matter most.

An umbrella policy will offer you additional support if a claim exceeds the limits of your other insurance policies. A policy for a vehicle, for example, has an upper limit for coverage. If a claim exceeds that limit, your umbrella policy can take over and handle the rest of the claim for you. That may allow you to preserve important assets and reduce any anxiety you’re facing.

By working with a trusted, knowledgeable insurance agent, you can get the information to choose the right policy. Your level of assets, other insurance policies, and specific life situations can all make a difference when you’re seeking out the policy that would most fully meet your needs.

Protecting what matters to you should focus on any insurance policy, and an umbrella policy is no different. When you reach out to the DJ Kauffman Agency, you’ll get your questions answered and have policy options you can choose from. Then you can add coverage on top of what you already have and experience additional peace of mind. Throughout the Hutchinson, KS area, umbrella insurance gives you a way to experience life with less worry and get back to spending time on activities you enjoy.