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Classic Car Insurance in Kansas

Classic cars are more than a cool ride. Years of elbow grease, passion, and automotive know-how go into restoration and maintenance. Whether you participate in car shows or like to cruise on a Sunday afternoon, your car needs the right type of insurance protection. The agents with DJ Kauffman Agency will help all car enthusiasts to obtain the specific coverage they need.

Considerations when insuring classic cars

What's the value?

Traditional car insurance policies in Kansas use a standard formula that assigns a value to your car based on the year, make, and model. It often also takes into consideration added features, such as an upgrade to sport model or premium edition. For each year of age, the value of the car depreciates. Obviously, a classic automobile cannot be adequately insured using this formula, and appreciation is often a factor versus depreciation.

Instead, classic car insurance agents work with you to establish an estimate known as an "agreed upon" value. In the event of a total loss wreck, this is the amount of money you would receive from the insurance company. Claims for damage would award a portion of that value.

How much are you driving?

Few classic car enthusiasts operate their vehicle full time. It's an occasional drive either for leisure or display purposes. Because of this, many insurance companies adjust the cost of classic car policies and institute a mileage limit for coverage, such as 3,000 miles per year. Discuss your driving needs with your agent when obtaining a quote.

Additional considerations

Always ask about extra coverages you can add to your classic car package. A prime consideration is being able to access appropriate towing services, such as a flat-bed trailer tow, in the event of a mechanical failure or accident. If you participate in car shows that have public interaction with your vehicle, look into coverage that extends to individuals viewing your car.

Keep your classic car rolling through Kansas for years to come with reliable insurance coverage. Contact DJ Kauffman Agency Inc. or stop by our office in Hutchinson, KS today to review your coverage options and receive a free quote.

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