Does Home Insurance Cover Damage From Fireworks?

DJ Kauffman Agency, serving the greater Hutchinson, KS area, offers home insurance policies. During July, one of the questions that our agency is frequently asked is whether home insurance covers damage from fireworks. Read on to get the answer to this question. 

In most cases, a homeowners insurance policy will cover damage caused by fireworks. This includes injuries that people on your property may have sustained while lighting fireworks or damage to your home, such as a fire caused by fireworks. The most significant exclusion to this is if fireworks are illegal in your area or you are using illegal fireworks. 

If you are setting off illegal fireworks, and someone on your property is injured, or you damage your property, your homeowners’ insurance policy will not cover the damage. This is because policies preclude damage caused by criminal acts. Setting off illegal fireworks and causing damage is a criminal act. However, if someone else lights illegal fireworks and they start a fire on your property, chances are, your homeowners’ insurance policy will cover the damage. 

It is also important to note that many counties and cities have laws about when fireworks can be set off. If you are setting off fireworks outside the legal dates and damage is done, your homeowners’ insurance policy will not cover the damage. As such, you should stick to lighting fireworks off only on legal days, such as the 4th of July. 

In most cases, homeowners insurance will cover damage from fireworks, as long as they were not illegal fireworks. However, every homeowner’s insurance policy is different. At DJ Kauffman Agency, serving the Hutchinson, KS community, we can help you find the homeowners’ insurance policy that offers the protection you need. Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment to discuss getting a new homeowners insurance policy.