Kansas Commercial Insurance: How to Know What Coverage Your Business Needs

When you are running a business in Kansas, you want to make sure that everything you have worked so hard for is protected. You may be looking for Kansas commercial insurance to help you do that, or you may want to be updating an existing business insurance policy.

At DJ Kauffman Agency, we want Hutchinson, KS business owners to feel protected against financial losses caused by liabilities and property damage. We can help you to determine what kind of Kansas business insurance your company needs.

Inventory Your Company’s Valuables

If you aren’t sure what your business needs, make a list of the things that are valuable to your company. Consider what your losses would be.

Is it data? Is it equipment? Is it people? If your business was damaged or in peril in any way, what would you need to be replaced? 

Look at every value or valuable on your list, there’s probably insurance coverage for that.

Commercial Liability Insurance

This is the general liability insurance that most businesses in Kansas will have. You are not required by law to carry it. If you have a mortgage on the property, your lender may want to see proof of liability insurance.

When there is an injury or death on your property, you may be held liable. This insurance will cover the other party’s costs for medical, lost wages, and any property damage they sustain.

Additional Kansas Commercial Insurance to Consider

There are a number of commercial insurance add-ons or riders that you can add to your Kansas business insurance policy.

• Equipment or tools insurance coverage: Every computer and pencil cup matters
• Commercial auto insurance
• Cybersecurity protection: Identity theft, data breach coverage, business interruption insurance
• Professional liability, errors and omission, director’s and officer’s insurance

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When you are looking for Kansas commercial insurance, there are a number of coverages that you can get. At DJ Kauffman Agency, we want Hutchinson, KS business owners to feel secure with their commercial insurance policy. Call us for a quote today.