Will My Commercial Insurance Protect Me if I Sell a Defective Product?

The agents of DJ Kauffman Agency Inc. can assist business owners in Hutchinson, KS if they need quality commercial insurance. Unknowingly selling a defective product can lead to financial hardship if liability issues come into play. It’s extremely important to understand how your commercial insurance works and exactly what it covers in case the unthinkable occurs. Talking to your agent about your concerns is the best way to find a positive solution.

Liability Coverage

If a defective product causes any type of injury, you may be liable for the medical expenses of the injured party. It’s an absolute necessity to carry liability insurance coverage as part of your commercial policy. This type of coverage guarantees to protect you if someone is injured while using one of your products. Liability insurance will cover the cost of their medical treatment and other expenses they may incur due to the injury.

Replacement Costs

Your commercial insurance will also cover the cost of replacing the damaged item. While you may eventually be able to recover the cost of the item from the original manufacturer, making sure that your customer is taken care of should be your top priority. Once you have taken care of their needs, you can begin working with the original manufacturer.

In Hutchinson, KS, business owners can trust DJ Kauffman Agency Inc. with all of their commercial business needs. Each agent will work diligently with their clients to ensure they have the type of policy in place that will meet their needs if a defective product is sold. When you have questions or concerns about your commercial insurance, call and speak to one of the agents today.

What Does Commercial Insurance Do?

Buying your first vehicle for the business can be just as exciting as buying your first car for yourself. It feels like a major milestone, and it can mean big things for the company. In all of that excitement, you don’t want to get carried away and forget one of the most important things. You need insurance for any company vehicle, and that insurance is not the same as your standard personal policy. We’re talking about commercial insurance today, and DJ Kauffman Agency Inc. in Hutchinson, KS wants you to know the basics before you dive into your search.

Covering Vehicles

Technically, commercial insurance refers to any business-class insurance policy. In general, the term “commercial insurance” is often used as a shortening of “commercial auto insurance.” We’re talking about cars and drivers. In essence, a commercial policy can cover business-owned vehicles in much the same way a personal auto policy would. You can get protection from theft and damage. If something happens to the vehicle, the policy helps you pay to remedy the situation.

Covering Employees

Often, the more important aspect of commercial insurance is liability coverage. The policy should cover any and every employee who will drive the insured vehicle(s). This protects you from liability claims if your vehicle or employee is involved in damaging property or causing injury, and it can be the thing that keeps the business from shuttering if the worst happens.

While commercial insurance covers many of the same things as a standard auto policy, the practice and scope of your business can make the finer details of the policy feel foreign. If you want to be sure you’re getting the right plan, talk to a representative of DJ Kauffman Agency Inc in Hutchinson, KS.