Three mistakes to avoid when purchasing boat insurance in Kansas

It’s important to invest in a good boat insurance policy to protect yourself financially. At Dj Kauffman Agency, we sell insurance policies to boat owners in Hutchinson, KS.

If you are purchasing a boat insurance policy in Kansas, the following are three mistakes you need to avoid.

Purchasing only liability coverage

You might think that all you really need is liability coverage to protect yourself against potential lawsuits. However, you really should also get replacement coverage for your boat as well as collision coverage. This way, the value of your boat will be protected.

A boat is a valuable asset that you need to invest time and money in. As such, it’s important to protect your boat with insurance coverage. 

Being unaware of the navigational limitations of your policy

You need to understand that your boat insurance policy will probably only provide coverage within certain navigational limits. Your policy must cover the areas in which you’ll be regularly using your boat.

You need to invest in added coverage to expand navigational limits on your policy if the standard limitations mean you won’t be covered in certain locations where you’ll frequently want to use your boat. 

Not purchasing salvage and wreck removal coverage

One important type of coverage that boat owners sometimes overlook is salvage and wreck removal coverage. If your boat becomes damaged, it might become stranded in public waters. In this situation, you’ll be responsible for the costs of removing it. Salvage and wreck removal coverage on your boat insurance policy will cover these costs for you. 

You need to do your research and ask questions when you’re on the market for boat insurance in Hutchinson, KS. We can help you to find the right policy at Dj Kauffman Agency. Contact us to learn more about the insurance coverage we offer for boat owners.