Types of Auto Insurance

Hutchinson, KS residents live in a no-fault state, which means the other party is not required to pay their expenses even if they caused the accident. 

Personal Injury Protection

This is a type of indemnification for people in no-fault states who will take care of their own medical expenses. Each driver is required to have this coverage to make sure their hospital bills are paid. 

Liability Insurance

Liability coverage pays for another person’s injuries and lost wages when you have caused a crash. In no-fault states, this can help you if you are sued in cases where the costs are excessive and exceed the PIP limits. These laws can sometimes be confusing to navigate, and your DJ Kauffman Agency representative can go into further detail with you. 

Collision Coverage

This protection insures you for accidents in which you collide with another object. This can include lamp posts, mailboxes, or even other vehicles, and it will extend to your property damage expenses or total depreciated value if your car is totaled. 


Comprehensive is meant to cover damage that happens when your vehicle is stationary. Falling tree branches, hail, sleet, severe winds, hurricanes, flooding, and tornadoes can fall under this indemnification. 

Gap Insurance

When your car is totaled, the cost to perform repairs has exceeded its worth. Your comprehensive or collision insurance will generally pay up to the depreciated value, which may leave you with an outstanding balance on your loan. Gap insurance serves to pay that remaining amount. 

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